Our Italian distributor had been contacted by this very well-known car centre (one of the biggest in Northern Italy, > 1200 sold cars/year) because of enormous monthly losses incurred on damages of various kinds (vandalism, parking damages, car thefts or wear and tear, car-jacking, graffiti, etc.). The existing cameras were not coordinated and not sufficient, the system of recording and storing the pics and videos not at all meeting the expectations of the centre owners. 

The whole area with a length of roughly 400m and a width of 200m is split into outdoor areas for parking, different buildings with show rooms and offices for the 3 brands, park houses with drive-up ramps, warehouses, “dark” corners, etc. The front side along the main road with heavy traffic has various car entries and –exits, the back side is directly adjacent to a huge restaurant- and disco building-complex with high frequency even after midnight. The existing light poles with highly energy consuming HID lamps are placed without system only in selected parts of the facility. 

The centre owners now were interested in a combined light-/surveillance system with 24/7 recording including licence plate- resp. face recognition in defined areas of the facility.

OWLS Solution

Based on a 3D concept we worked out a detailed light- and surveillance plan for all crucial areas by adding 8 new poles and using different wattages of our OWLS JANINA and ATHINA LED luminaires resulting in dramatically lower energy consumption (totally 62 luminaires). For the surveillance aspect we proposed our ATHINA CCTV System with an embedded, “invisible” SONY SNC-EP550 IP PTZ camera (partly with LAN-, partly with WiFi connection) in combination with a certain number of Fixed Mini Dome SONY SNC-EM600 HD cameras at particular places (totally 40 cameras). The management - and the video-server system is fully configured based on the specified requirements of the centre owners 

(24/7) and can be implemented into the already existing control room. 

Out of the 40 SONY cameras 30 pcs are equipped with the most advanced video analytic programs, such as perimeter, counting, licence plate- and/or face recognition.


Project duration: Project duration: January – Autumn 2014 (plan)

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