Parco Dora, Turin/Italy - Public Area


In cooperation with our Italian distributor and the president of ANCI Piemonte (local municipality organization of the Italian province of Piemont) we were approached by the City of Torino, a pioneer in the Smart & Safe City concept in Europe, for this challenging project.

One crucial public area in the city is the “Parco Dora”; this is a former industrial site that had been architecturally transformed into an internationally recognized public area, especially for the city youth – for events and concerts.

Of concern was the increasing number of criminal activities, i.e. vandalism, gang wars, drug trafficking, etc. The municipality, in coordination with the local police, needed to have permanent surveillance on the ground with recording of surveillance videos for 14 days.

OWLS Solution

We exchanged the existing lighting points (HID lamps with 250W) in the whole site with OWLS ATHINA LEDrofit 48 model (totally 35 units with 120W max.). For this reason the luminaires had to be placed at 10m height on the existing industrial columns. The surveillance part of the whole area (450m x 60m) is carried out by 10 of the 35 units having our CCTV system with an embedded, “invisible” SONY SNC-EP580 IP PTZ camera, including defined analytic parameters for crucial incidents.

A customised & configured server is placed in the control room at the nearest police station (20km distance to the park) for follow-up action.

In close cooperation with the City of Torino OWLS was also able to utilise this impressive setting for its international presentation of the unique OWLS Safe City concept to a selected number of VIP’s and decision makers in the global security business.


Project duration: November 2012 – May 2013

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